Our Noble Stories

Flying 2 Anchor Peace & Love is a company making efforts to spread the message of peace and love all around the globe.

Full Story of The Flying Pigeon.


Pigeons are very ancient Birds & found to be associated with this Universe from the very begging of this Earth, when The Lord Almighty, created this World with A BIG BANG. The Pigeons are very attractive, beautiful & Wonderful Creatures, this Beloved Bird was created as a Symbol of Peace & Love for the Mankind & the Whole Universe.
From Ancient Times Lovers use to Homing Pigeons to send messages to each other when Postal Services were not introduced and Society was found to be very conservative & not opened like today’s World of Boy Friend / Girl Friend Relationships, thus from that time, all messages were delivered by Pigeons free of Charge even on very Demanding Rush Delivery VALENTINE DAYS like UPS of today & was always delivered to precise addresses on time, free of charge.
.......... WOW .........
Then came World War 1 & 2, when these Peace Birds were used to deliver Secret Massages by different Fighting Troops, keeping each other’s secrecy. That was yesterday; now the Author was looking to ANCHOR PEACE & LOVE and thus approached this Peace Bird to deliver the Peace & Love Messages around the Globe.
This tiny little loving Bird accepted the demanding assignment & Now Flying with a very Heavy Unimaginable Golden Ocean Ship`s Anchor, around Her Feet to look for a place (in this Troubled World) where she can land & Find Peace & Love at last.
Hoping when she finds the “Land of Peace & Love” with her “Golden Anchor”, then she will Bolt it, like A “Combo of Peace & Love”, turning her Golden Anchor, into the most Exited & the most Expensive Jade Stone and Diamond-like “Kohinoor” in Queen Elizabeth’s Crown.
Let us hope & pray that this tiny little bird, achieves her Golden Task very soon.
We shall help to let this “Peace Loving Bird” Win her Mission and while appreciating her endeavors, we shall Donate some funds for her Peaceful Mission around The Globe via different NGOs and to Women (Cancer) and Children Hospitals, Disable Children Schools & alike Institutions Worldwide to promote PEACE like United Nations Refugee Mission, etc.
The Peace Bird requests us to spread her “Peace & Love Mission” using this Sign as a LOGO, on as many World’s Consumer Products as possible enabling me to reach to every human being, having a Good Heat appreciating her Great Purpose.
Now as Humans, we must carry this Golden Anchor to our Shoulders like “The Torch of the Olympic Games” with Passions and Sincerity to turn it into real big value, comparing to Jade Stone and “Kohinoor” Diamond. Children being innocent and Non Political, love this very friendly Peace Bird, the Love of this bird, one can feel by touching them in Trafalgar Square in London, UK or Jackson Heights in New York, New York, USA and many alike places Worldwide, where they sit on the shoulders, head, and hands of visitors.
That would hopefully make, this World, a WONDERFUL & LOVEABLE PLACE TO LIVE.