About Us

Flying 2 Anchor Peace & Love is a company making efforts to spread the message of peace and love all around the globe.

How We Started.

It was New Year’s Eve 2018, two old Retired International Business Friends were Greeting each other via Usual Happy New Year’s Eve Messages, One from Hong Kong & Another from LOS ANGELES, USA, and suddenly there was a Pause……
One said from LA. Hey…..what you are thinking, the Hong Kong Guy said ” I am tired of being DOING NOTHING, …..OH…the other said, so what is on your mind.
The Hong Kong Guy Mr. F.M. Shah said Man…. a couple of years back U were EXPORTING WOMEN, CHILDREN & MEN BASEBALL HATS. FISHING ROD & REELS TO CANADA from CHINA along with few other items, LA Guy said….Ya….than…
Mr. Shah said, “I am thinking to INTRODUCE BASEBALL HATS into HONG KONG MARKET but with a NEW BRAND, can we Register a Company in HKG, make a New Brand and Produce Hats in China then Sell in Hong Kong.
The LA guy said, Mr. Shah, to Register a Brand takes time as we have to create a LOGO & need patience to Register, a Specific Design.
The conversation was over as LA Guy said “OK”, let me make an International Business plan & …please wait for a couple of weeks and let me COME WITH ONE GOOD PLAN.
After a couple of weeks, upon the next Conversation, Mr. Shah said, the LOGO has to be UNIQUE and though the HATS shall be Sold in Hong Kong the LOGO should bear a message from the USA.
That’s how it was started, meanwhile, Jan 2019 was about to end, AN IDEA INSPIRED into the mind of the LA GUY.
The idea was, a tiny little Pigeon, flying with A Very Heavy (Ship’s) Anchor, bound around her two feats, while the Pigeon was looking to BOLT “THE ANCHOR” ON, A… NO 1 PEACEFUL LAND in the World (Hard To Find).
So…the LOGO was created with a Picture of Pigeon flying around The Globe, which is now a “Copy Right” along with “The Story of The Pigeon.
The whole message is “inspired by sh-USA”, the Creator of the LOGO, along with The Design, The Colors & with a Unique Noble Message “Flying 2 Anchor Peace & Love”.
The idea is to Put this LOGO on Multiple Products like Walmart of “Great Value” in about 200 Countries of the World & presenting the Message in about 200 World Languages.
The last but not the least, the idea is to DONATE large parts of its proceeds to noble causes, like Women & Children Cancer Hospitals, Charities to genuine NGOs & similar United Nations Missions and for disabled Adult & Children Causes & Support Talented Students for Higher Education at Large.
Further provide Medical Facilities & Food to Poors around the World and to War Torn Refugees along with Veterans of Wars and Sponsor Olympic Sports Participants.
We hope the future of the Pigeon’s message will be ALL BRIGHT & AT LAST, PEACE SHALL BE FOUND WITH LOVE AROUND THE WORLD.
Happy Go Lucky forever.
Bravo The Pigeon.

Mr. sh/USA CEO & Co-Founder

Meet Our Ambassadors

We have a dedicated team working to get you Quality Products & Services everyday.

His Highness


Chief Ambassador of Peace

His Highness

Abeer S.Khan

Ambassador, Pakistan

His Highness

Fateh M. Shah

Ambassador, HongKong

His Highness

Ijaz Sarwar

Ambassador at Large

His Highness

Jahanzeb Ali Shah

Ambassador, Peshawar, PK

His Highness

Jose Gutierrez

Ambassador, Downey, CA

Her Highness

Miss Jessica Ramirez

Ambassador, Norwalk, CA

Her Highness

Wang Gui Qiong

Ambassador, China


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